Thursday, June 30, 2011

So blessed easy to say but do we really believe it? Do we really give God the glory or credit when saying we are/were/will be blessed?

Blessings are not simply the result of being lucky, random happenings or even earned. I sometimes need to be gently (or even through a slap alongside the head by my ego) reminded that the source of all things good are from Him, from whom all blessings flow.

June 26th was a good reminder of how quickly we can become so focused on our agenda or the negatives that we miss even noticing the blessings surrounding us.

As I was counting the cash from my team's fundraiser, I found myself selfishly doing the math in my head (for those that know my math skills you are probably laughing). I made a mental note with every stack of $100 that it meant that for each of the 16 members on my team it was only about $5 each. (May I remind you of my limited math skills?) I found myself convicted of my selfishness & my focus. Here I am forgetting about the awesome fun teambuilding time we just had & was hoping we had earned more money from all the work we put into it.  I was calculating in my head the value of my time & resources i put into earning my $90 share.  A few humbling thoughts then occurred to me:  1. $90 is more than a month's wages for those in Guatemala I am going to serve. 2. I can throw together limitless resources to bail myself out of trouble ( i even have the "luxery" to go into debt/borrow money if I need to make ends meet). 3.  I am being given an amazing opportunity to pass this blessing onto someone in greater need & i'm sniveling over wanting more. 4.  $1,400 is a lot of money! I should be jumping up & down for our team earning that much!

I decided a little taste of tough work to remind me I am blessed was in order.... i decided i will do something else to raise funds for myself & give my $90 to someone who could use it more without sniveling it wasn't enough......I decided to torture myself by doing something I dislike greatly... a garage sale to help earn the funds I still need for my trip.

God blessed me with the 2nd hotest day of the year to do it even! The sweltering heat was a constant reminder that I am blessed, that I have been provided for abundantly by my Father God and that I have a bunch of extra posessions & things I can get rid of.  It reminded me to see the blessings & know they were there regardless of my hard work or not.

The more I relied on God the day of the sale, the more I noticed His blessings upon me. I prayed for a stranger that shared her difficult circumstances with me.  I gave away items when it was clear money was tight, I prayed for more customers & they came.... God knows the desires of our hearts, He knows our intentions & motives.... and might I mention He loves us unconditionally, even when we are whiners. I just LOVE My Father God!

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  1. "I will praise you in the storm" became so much more real for me as well...Thank you for your insight, Shawn!!!