Friday, June 10, 2011

Philippians 4:6 Prayer

Do not be anxious in anything,  but by prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6

Do you believe in coincidences? What is a coincidence? According to the definition a coincidence is: "Striking instance of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance."

As I was thinking about what I would write I decided prayer would be a good topic. Prayers are definately needed for my team's spiritual, financial, physical & emotional preparation for what will be a life altering experience [Prayer request]. I think of the above verse that I have prayed many times. The verse that reminds me of a dear friend whom is a prayer warrior. A dear friend whom has been a spiritual guide, a woman of God, an encourager & uplifter when I descended into the pits of hell on earth. She is a woman that is stronger than she knows, a woman that has been through more tests & attacks to her faith & clings to God through it all. She is an example of the Godly woman I strive to be.

I find it no coincidence I open my bible to find the page for this verse marked by a card I received over 8 yrs ago from this woman. That this woman represents to me a reminder that prayer [conversation with God] needs to be a constant part of my life. There is no coincidence that all of the "little" & "big" things in life are marked with the loving fingerprint of a God that aches to be entwined in every portion of our lives not just a part of it! As a believer I have to say there is no true coincidences... a better word for the "little instances" would be "blessings" & for the "big instances" would be "miracles".  A coincidence occurs when we fail to recognize God's hand in the "instances".

With this statement & belief I am prepared to hear the arguments that God couldn't possibly orchestrate all the minute details of every believers & unbelievers lives.  Well, he does! I am also prepared to hear that if God cares so much why do bad things happen & why is there so much evil & suffering in this world? God does not plan these things. He knows they will happen & does have the power & authority to stop it.  Take a moment to think of it this way:  Perhaps the blessing or miracle in the bad or painful instances is that He allows us our own free will, He allows us our choices,  our mistakes and our wrongs to be played out for us or others to learn to rely on Him, to come to know Him or to trust Him. He uses all things for good.  "Coincidentally" if we are failing to recognize Him or the potential good in the situation for ourselves, for others witnessing our circumstances & response or for His kingdom we will find ourselves not trusting or not knowing God the way He created us to be.
God doesn't want us to suffer but He allows us to often times for reasons we will never know why during our time here on earth. I do believe for those that proclaim His son Jesus as their savior, they will never ask "why" when we are standing before Him in heaven we will fully know & understand... and to put it bluntly... we will not care "why". For those that do not beleive in Him, when they die they will & stand before satan and for eternity will ask "why", never to know.

I choose to believe in blessings and miracles.

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