Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stressed but blessed...tired but wired!

Can I get an amen!
In the past four days I have lettered 19 shirts, 16 bags, organized 1,500 pounds of donation goods to be packed into 30 suitcases, organized the packing of 160 hygeine kits and 80 orphanage gift bags, co-authored a devotional guide, ironed labels onto over 100 Baby Elephant Ears blankets and planned and finalized a 12 day itinerary with over 20 different service activites for 16 people....just to name a few projects. I am giddy with excitement and in awe over what my team has accomplished and we haven't even left yet! God has given me the energy to do this as well as the help that I need when my energy is running on reserve.

My husband & son will not travel with me but they are a huge part of this journey.  I really am fortunate to have a fantabulous husband, Bradley, helping everywhere and anywhere I ask him for help. He loves me so much he drove to 3 stores just so I could have yellow paper for the devotional guides when I ran out.  My awesome son Josh has carried 1,000's of pounds of donations into the house from the car, to the "gym room" back out to the "spare room" and then back into garage ...multiple times as I shuffle and reorganize donations throughout the year.  Both of these rooms do not get used for their original purpose...i strategically block my ability to use the home gym ...in good conscious of course because I need the space for storage for a good cause. :) Josh is "Joshy on the spot" when I ask him for help with putsy things like peeling backing off contact paper stencils all the way to the huge important things like giving me a hug when he notices I am wearing down.  My daughter Jordon brings perfect little Leon (my grandson) over to visit when I need to stop obsessing over my Guatemala plans and enjoy a lil LOL (Lovin on Leon) time!

I don't write all about me just to share about me.  I write because I am one in 16 that is playing out a similar story.  We each have a family that is traveling on this journey with their loved one, that has a church family that loves them & sends up oodles of prayers on their behalf and who's family has probably worried more than those traveling.  We each thank you, our families, friends, loved ones and even strangers at CUB foods in Cambridge & Coon Rapids for sharing your time, your resources, your prayers, your patience and your love. We appreciate your support of our calling to go on this mission. YOU are just as much a part of this trip as the 16 going! We couldn't do this without you and our Father God!

I am blessed beyond measure to be stressed in preparing to go serve strangers we long to call brothers & sisters in Christ.  It is all worth it if even one person be saved ... even if just here in the states when hearing about our work!  We are blessed to have the opportunity to ease suffering even if only for the length of time it takes to provide a hug or smile.  We are blessed to be building 3 homes that will keep a family safe and more comfortable for years to come.  Please Father God, use our team wherever you desire, we are your humble servants! Open our eyes to what you want us to see and hide them from what you desire us not to.  Break our hearts for what breaks yours Lord but give us the strength to endure what we will witness and the boldness to change what we can. Help each of us to draw nearer to you Lord. Remind us that you are safely holding us in the embrace of your loving arms always.  We trust in you alone!

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  1. Thinking and praying on you all each day! Ran last night in the most beautiful weather....spent the majority of the time clearing my brain and making some space for Jesus! The blessing? When it was clear...He stuck you guys right smack dab in the front! Spent some serious time lifting you all up and praying for strong bodies, strong hearts and sound minds! I can't wait to hear the experiences FIRST HAND!!! Love you all!