Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cinco de Mayo 5k & Family Fun Fest (May 5th, 2012)

We have finalized the date for our 2nd annual Guatemala Service Team fundraiser 5k family fun fest event!  What better day than Cinco de Mayo???  A true festival this shall be!!! We have so much to celebrate and we are hoping this event is successful beyond our expectations.  Please register to participate... this event is for FUN so no worries if you are not a pro! There will be a children's 1k, silent auction, a family friendly atmosphere and much more...something for everyone!!!!! Hey! We will even have "Walking Nachos" & non-alcoholic margaritas available! Here is the link to register:  If you can't make it to the 5K and wish to support my work in Guatemala, you can go to active giving and donate:

This year's team has been engaging in many personal fundraising activities to recoup the huge airfare expense as well as the typical expenses associated with doing a service team/mission trip. It is our hope that those fundraising activities (Craft fairs, grocery bagging, letter writing) will take care of the travel expenses so that the funds we earn at the 5k can be used solely to bless the families we have and will build homes for.  My goal this year is to bring kits with items that the families can make items to sell in order to place food on their tables and make land payments for their homes.  These "home business start up kits" are a simple way to help families help themselves out of the daily struggle to tend to their basic needs.  So far I have collected the scrap fabric that will be needed for one of my kit ideas (a HUGE thanks to Alicia Overby and Baby Elephant Ears).  This plan is extremely simple and very achievable, all it takes is some funds! Many of these family have no job, no resources...Nothing. My team will provide them with something that costs so very little to give them the opportunity to earn a small income in order to make meeting their basic needs a little less of a struggle.
I can't wait to update everyone on this project's progress.  Please continue to be in prayer for my team, the God's Child Project and the families they serve. Thank you! :) Shawn

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