Sunday, March 17, 2013

Recycled Lives Cinco de Mayo 5k & Family Fun Fest

Please join us in our 3rd annual event that puts the fun in fundraising!!! We are raising funds to support our mission work we will be performing at a Garbage dump in Escuintla Guatemala in May.  Please come to eat, run, play, watch, support, pray, laugh and spend time with family and friends!  I may even run the race if we get 100 registrations..... Yes I have not been capable of running more than 2 blocks in one stint so register so you can see me pop a lung!
Here is the link to register and check out the details for the event: Recycled Lives Cinco de Mayo 5k and Family Fun Fest event registration

Please watch this video and consider supporting this ministry. These children and families are in desperate need. Even $5 can make a difference between eating rotting garbage each day or eating nourishing meals for a week for someone. Click here for the video: Recycled Lives Escuintla Project 
A youth group I work with raised enough money ($4,500) to build a home for a family from the dump. Yes, a group of less than 10 high schoolers and their 3 leaders raised this money in only a few months! Here is a video showing God's work: 1st Home Escuintla Project
God is at work here and is calling us to be His hands and feet to make a difference in the lives of the poor. If we wish to see poverty and starvation cease, we each need to stop thinking that we are broke and what little we have won't make a difference... even a dollar feeds a child for more than a day. We can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!
In Him,
Shawn :)


  1. So very excited! Can't wait. Better head off to the treadmill...

    1. Thank you for registering Liz! So excited to see you!